Shootout between police and double homicide suspect

The Sacramento Police released fifteen videos on Wednesday of a deadly shootout between two police officers and a man who is suspected of double homicide.

Shots were fired after officers pulled over 41-year-old Eric Arnold along 27th Avenue, off Franklin Boulevard on September 7. Eric Arnold was wanted in connection with the double homicide of a mother and daughter on Janrick Avenue in the Meadowview area. According to Fox 40 News.

The first video shows Arnold’s truck stop as police officers order him to toss his keys from the window. Arnold gets out from the truck and immediately opens fire on the two police officers.

One officer, Victor Wolfe, was hit in the leg. Another one, Tim Martin, was hit in the torso but was saved by what he called his “bullet-resistant” vest.

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The Sacramento Police Department blurred the part of the video in which Arnold is shot and falls to the ground. Immediately after, the police officers call for backup. One officer is heard repeating, “Oh (expletive), I’m hit.”

Two of the videos can be viewed below, or full playlist on YouTube, official Sacramento Police channel. Click here to view.

WARNING: The videos below contain violent imagery and strong language, and may be disturbing to some viewers.

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