Mobster of Genovese Family convicted of murder and racketeering crime

Mobster of Genovese Family was convicted of murder conspiracy, illegal gambling operation and other racketeering crimes in Manhattan federal court.

Mobster of Genovese Family was convicted of murder conspiracy, illegal gambling operation and other racketeering crimes in Manhattan federal court.

Salvatore Delligatti, 40, aka “Fat Sal,” or “Jay,” was convicted in Manhattan federal court for racketeering conspiracy, conspiracy to murder in aid of racketeering, murder-for-hire conspiracy, participation in an illegal gambling operation, and a firearms offense. The jury convicted Mr. Delligatti on all six counts of the indictment following a three-week trial before U.S. District Judge Katherine B. Forrest.

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According to the U.S. Attorney’s Office, other filings in Manhattan federal court, and evidence presented in court during the trial:

From 2008 through May 2016, Delligatti was an associate of the Genovese Crime Family of Cosa Nostra. During this period, Mr. Delligatti conspired with others to participate in and conduct the affairs of the Genovese Family through a pattern of racketeering activities that included a murder conspiracy, an extortion conspiracy, and the operation of illegal sports betting business. For example, as part of Delligatti’s participation in the Genovese Family, Mr. Delligatti committed the following crimes:

From May 2014 through June 2014, Salvatore Delligatti conspired with Robert DeBello, a “made” soldier, and Ryan Ellis, an associate of the Genovese Family, to murder a neighborhood “tough guy” from the Whitestone in Queens. Mr. Delligatti obtained permission from Mr. DeBello to kill the intended victim. But instead of carrying out the murder himself, as Mr. DeBello had authorized him to do, Mr. Delligatti hired a crew of hitmen from the Bronx to ambush and kill the intended victim at his residence.

Mr. Delligatti provided the hitmen with a loaded .38 gun and a get-away car and offered to pay him few thousand dollars for the murder. As a result of wiretap surveillance of Delligatti by the Nassau County Police Department and the District Attorney’s Office, the crew of hitmen was apprehended in the getaway car just a few blocks from the intended victim’s residence on June 8, 2014. In their vehicle, federal agents recovered the loaded handgun, a spray bottle containing a bleach solution, and other materials.

From April 2014 through May 2014, Mr. Delligatti and others in the Genovese Family, including Ellis and DeBello, participated in a conspiracy to use threats of violence and economic harm to extort the owners of a nightclub located on the rooftop of a hotel in Queens.

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From 2013 through 2015, Mr. Delligatti participated with others in the Genovese Family, including DeBello and Ellis, in a large-scale bookmaking and sports betting operation that took bets from bettors in Queens and Manhattan, and made use of an offshore wireroom. During and in furtherance of this gambling operation, Delligatti and Ellis brought envelopes filled with cash to DeBello, the “made” soldier with whom they were committing these crimes.

Salvatore Delligatti faces a maximum potential sentence of life in federal prison. He is scheduled to be sentenced by Judge Forrest on August 16, 2018.

Delligatti’s co-defendants, Robert DeBello and Ryan Ellis, previously pled guilty before Judge Forrest to racketeering conspiracy crimes for their roles in the murder conspiracy, the extortion conspiracy, and the illegal gambling operation that are described above.